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Credence Independent Management Advisors

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Credence Independent Management Advisors: Culture
credence_ind wrote in credence_llc
Credence Culture

Credence has a corporate culture that is focused on employee empowerment, recognition, reward, and retention.

Credence was started with the vision of creating an organization that would attract the best talent in the industry and treat each team member as a partner in the organization. This is achieved through our culture of excellence and trust that encourages each team member to innovate and take their own initiative.

The Credence corporate culture promotes collaboration and partnership, facilitates successful outcomes by investing in resources and education, and finally, shares the results of our success with every team member.

Our objective of maintaining a high-quality workforce is reflected in our corporate culture that focuses career on three core values: Trust, Partnership, and Success. As an everyday reminder, these core values also constitute part of the Credence logo.

One of the primary benefits of the Credence corporate culture is its positive influence in our efforts to identify, hire, develop, and retain staff with the experience, skills, and qualifications required to perform the highest quality work for our customers.inde

We believe in Level 5 leadership (Jim Collins, Good to Great, 2001), and encourage our people to become Level 5 leaders - leaders who are humble, have the fierce will to succeed, channel their ego needs away from themselves into the larger goal of building a great company, and set up their subordinates for even greater success.