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Credence Independent Management Advisors

Credence Independent Management Advisors: Community Service
credence_ind wrote in credence_llc
Credence executives actively serves in leadership positions with several non-profit and industry associations.

Pan IIT Alumni Association

PanIIT is an umbrella organization representing an alumni network of the most recognizable symbol of India's intellectual excellence, achievement and leadership: the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) system. IIT Alumni, around the world, have created sustained value for organizations and communities with their thought leadership, business acumen, and sense of social responsibility, all of which are the tenets of the IIT brand of education.

IIT alumni achievements and contributions include:

·        Created about 20 million jobs, created $500 billion of economic value, and control annual budgets of $1 trillion worldwide

·        Pioneering such technologies as cellular communications and HDTV
·        Founder or CxOs of 60% of Silicon Valley startups
·        Leading executive at firms such as Citicorp, Hartford Financial, Harman International, Google, Cisco, Microsoft and Rohm & Haas

·        Dean at leading universities such as Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, and Director of the National Science Foundation

·        Honored by the US House of Representatives (HR 227) for the economic innovation attributable to graduates of the IIT.

Sid Chowdhary current serves as the President of Pan IIT USA, and serves as an Officer and Board Member since 2009.

American Council for Technology (ACT) - Industry Advisory Council (IAC)

ACT-IAC is a non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to improving government through the application of information technology. ACT-IAC provides an objective, ethical and trusted forum where government and industry exchange information and collaborate on technology issues in the public sector. Prashant Gaur is a Past President of ACT (2009-2011).

Fairfax County Information Technology Policy Advisory Committee (ITPAC)

The ITPAC is committed to providing the Fairfax County government with the resources it requires to keep pace with emerging trends in IT; to providing citizens, the business community, and employees with timely and convenient access to information and services through the use of technology; and to using new technologies to create new business processes and improve government efficiency. Sid Chowdhary has been appointed as the Dranesville District Representative and serves on the ITPAC since 2010.

Non Profit Charitable Organizations

dc gala Credence is proud to support various nonprofit charitable organizations in the U.S. and overseas. We support efforts to improve children’s literacy, which is one of the most critical issues of our time. In order for future generations to succeed, children must have access to the most basic building blocks for learning – and literacy is the basis for all educational endeavors.

Credence supports a number of nonprofit organizations focused on literacy, including Everybody Wins! DC and Pratham USA.

Everybody Wins! DC is the largest children’s literacy and mentoring organization in the Washington, DC-metro area. Credence participates as a sponsor of the EW!DC Annual Gala and the EW!DC Scramble Golf Tournament.

Credence also sponsors Pratham, which provides pre-school reading intervention to more than 34 million children in India.