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Credence Independent Management Advisors

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Credence Independent Management Advisors
credence_ind wrote in credence_llc
We Are The Innovation Company

Credence provides innovative management and technology solutions, strategy, business transformation, advisory and implementation services to government agencies. We serve our government customers in an independent and objective capacity, combining our agency-specific knowledge with functional, technical, and acquisition capabilities to support the mission and goals of government programs that are undertaking Business Transformation and Information Technology Modernization initiatives.

The Credence management team has extensive experience in working with all levels of government and in serving in senior executive positions within Government Agencies, Private Companies, and Professional/Non-Profit Associations.  They each have managed profitable IT services businesses in emerging and mature markets and have a proven record of growing government contracting companies.  They are business technologist and practitioners who have achieved industry recognition in their areas of expertise, focused on delivering solutions aligned to mission needs quickly and cost effectively.  We are a small company with the experience, skills and relationships of a big one.