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Credence Independent Management Advisors

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Credence Independent Management Advisors: Solutions
credence_ind wrote in credence_llc
Credence provides innovative management and technology solutions, strategy, business transformation, advisory and implementation services to government agencies. We serve as trusted advisors to our government customers and ensure success by aligning our goals with the goals of the government decision-makers.

Our Principals have been executives in large firms, in government, and in leadership positions with government industry associations. They are industry-recognized technology and business leaders who have joined Credence with the mission of creating an exceptional consulting firm that is focused on supporting Public Sector Business Transformation or Information Technology Modernization initiatives.

Our employees, on average, have over 15 years of experience and possess a combination of both functional and technical skills, along with the ability to think in an independent and objective capacity. We operate with minimum overhead and our model allows us to deliver results with smaller teams and competitive costs.